You're in the market for a boat and would like to buy one at the next boat show. But which boat is for you? It is unclear, especially if you're a first time buyer. 

A boat is a big investment, so it is important to make a thorough investigation to find the one that best suits your needs. Buyers should consider not only price but also the manufacturer of the engine and vessel size and fuel capacity. 

The first step is to determine how you will use the boat. What kind of activities you do on your boat? Will it be cruising, fishing, watersports or play a combination of these? After you have an idea what kind of boat you need, it's time to weed through the options. 

A useful resource is the boat, a site that gives potential buyers to compare the two boats by type, size and manufacturer. Once you have specified that you are looking for the Boat generates a head-to-head comparison of all models that meet your criteria.

Site visitors can view articles on different boats, and watch videos on an independent test of each model and video clips, engines, electronics, and more. When you limit your options, and some models, you can go to the manufacturer's dealer network get more information and prices. 

If you plan to attend a boat show, do research beforehand will save you much time because you only have to visit the exhibitions of the boat that interests you during exposure, take the time boats to watch closely and check the craft, ergonomics and other factors that may affect your decision. 

If you prepare in advance, you can also tell the dealer what you want in the boat. Armed with the comparison of prices and performance, you can walk from one dealer to another to obtain an acceptable price for you. Eventually you'll come home with a new boat and happy to have the best possible. 

Remember to read and understand the warranties fully before making a purchase. A warranty can be your best friend. Make sure the dealer you buy the boat from offers you the proper coverage in case there is any defect or problem with your boat. You don’t want to end up having to pay huge amounts to fix your boat because you forgot to check out the warranties! 

Make sure the boat has proper certification .The NMMA, or the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association is an organization that tests boats that are manufactured by different companies. They only certify those boats that pass their rigorous testing. Any boat certified by the NMMA is one that you would feel safe owning. 

Also, just like cars, boats must be registered. Be prepared to register your boat just like your vehicle (i.e. paying money). On top of that expense, you must now stock your boat with life jackets, brand new fishing gear, food and a cooler so you can get fishing!