Jon boats have become very popular with many people nowadays, because of their massive benefits as compared to some of the latest designs of boats for both transport and fishing. With the transom design, the outboard motor can be mounted on the boat. They have flat boats made of wood or sometimes aluminum and a bench that can fit three people or more people making them the perfect boats for fishing. If you are thinking of buying the best Jon boat possible then here are some tips that should guide you into choosing the right boat that fits your status. 

The first and most important factor to consider before buying any boat is why you need the boat.
By identifying the functions that you want the boat to do for you, you will be able to choose the perfect size and design. Note that these boats are great for fishing and can be upgraded according to your needs. It is therefore advisable that you choose a dealer who will customize your package and give you a boat that fits your requirements. 

Doing some research by scouring the internet and consulting with friends who have bought boats before will help you identify some of the best dealers of these boats both online and in the stores near you. Come up with a list of dealers selling the boats and start doing a side by side comparison so as to choose the best that will give you more value for your money. Do not always settle for the cheapest or the one that seems to be pocket-friendly, your aim should be to get the best that your pockets can afford. In fact here are quite a number of Jon boat dealers and large sports goods stores that sell the same kind of boats. It's better to buy from these stores than the standard Jon boat dealers that are more expensive than the former.
When buying the boat, ensure that you ask all the necessary questions about the boat before buying without overlooking anything. For instance, you should ask the dealers to explain to you, the warranty you will receive after buying. There are many manufacturers of these boats in the market. Meaning the warranty and even quality of the product will differ from one manufacturer to the other. 

How you intend to maintain your boat is also very vital when it comes to choosing the right boat for your fishing. Although the boat might be easy to maintain since it doesn't need a lot of care even if you are using it in salty water, the wood also needs good care and attention to avoid rotting. You should ask your dealers to explain to you or give you a manual showing how to maintain and clean your boat for it to last longer. 

Besides being perfect for fishing and shorter transportation, Jon Boats are easy to handle and safe to drive. This means that if you are new to boats and boating this is the right boats for beginners like you.